Sunday, January 8, 2012

Well, it had to happen!

In great excitement of our new website, there was the addition of adding a new blog URL. We hope that those who stop by and read from time to time will find a commonality that they can absorb and digest for everyday living.

God Bless!


  1. The Theory of Combustibility could adequately describe our church family.

    The simplicity of the theory is that firewood on a fire is consumed with the rest of the wood. Yet, alone it burns and smolders slowly, and eventually goes out.
    Charcoal briquettes glow brighter when attached to the others, but lose heat when left to itself. As with either of these analogies, the more fuel added to the fire it burns hotter and longer so long as it stays together.

    We here at Freshfire are determined to be a body of believers who have been ignited by the Love God has shown us through His son Jesus Christ. (John 3:16) We understand that we should all be fueled by the Word of God, staying constant in relationship with Him. Consumed by the "blessed Hope" (Titus 2) that we will one day see Him in all His glory.

    We are the embodiment of the beatitudes. Heirs and joint heirs of the kingdom to come.
    We are truly a Freshfire, and long to stay that way.

  2. Oh my! Where do I start?
    First of all, I realize it's been almost two years since posting anything on here....but blogging has been pretty low on my please forgive me.

    To catch you up has been a whirlwind of fun, fellowship, love, hurt, growth, setbacks, and learning here at the church in those two years. I don't think that I could've asked for more in this short time as Pastor of Freshfire. The Lord has been faithful as he has continued to send hurting, lonely, and loving people to our fellowship....and because of His amazing guiding hand we are seeing the supernatural results of His precious Son, Jesus Christ, changing the lives of those willing to give Him their hearts. "Thankful" seems such a small word to try and express our gratitude for what God is doing in our midst.

    As the Thanksgiving season rolls in and past and we prepare for the upcoming Christmas Holidays, I couldn't help but be overcome with emotion last night as the children were having their "dress rehearsal" for the upcoming Christmas gift they have to share this Sunday.
    Children's laughter, adults interacting with love and a "bees hive" of activity each person had their own part to play in preparation for the production. Little did they know that for this pastor, they were already living out the "reality show" of a lifetime for me.

    The emotions that overcame me were deep and solidified in the acceptance of knowing that even in my own doubts, insecurities, and questions, God was proving Himself through the very people who were working so hard to complete just "one" common goal.....a children's Christmas play.
    What started as a work with just a few has now multiplied over 10 times and it isn't just "sight-seers", "tire-kickers", or "church-hoppers", but people hungry to provide a place of ministry, not only to their own families, but the community around us.

    The "reality" of this show is Jesus Christ! To be the light we were meant to be ever mindful that we can STILL make a difference in the community, the state, and this country. One saved individual at a time!
    I'm still overcome knowing there's more to come....